You do not have to live with your missing teeth!

Implant treatment is now very easy!

Dental Implants placed in the mouth to replace teeth lost due to  various reasons are the most natural form of treatment for tooth structure. With the developing new technologies, the patients can now get new teeth without pain. When hygiene conditions are respected, implants can be used  lifelong.

 You do not have to live with your missing teeth. Dental implants, which are the most suitable alternatives to the natural tooth structure, can now be easily placed in the jaw with the advantages provided by the developing technology. Implanting under local anesthesia and under the clinical conditions dental implants provide important advantages for the patient.

Dental implants, made of titanium screws are put in replacement of the lost tooth root and are fitted with prosthetic teeth. With implant treatment it is possible to perform the nearest repairment to the natural tooth structure. Patients can use their teeth for many years without having to undergo a treatment.

Dental implants placed in 15 minutes

Nowadays, implant treatment has come to the level which make it possible to apply implant and prosthesis on the same day. Implant therapy can be performed in one tooth defect or multiple tooth defects. The number of implants is determined by the number of missing teeth, the age of the patient, the bone structure of the patient and the length of the spine. Implant therapy is only done by numbing the area where treatment is to be performed. With a small incision made in the gum where the implant is to be placed, a small hole is made in the bone with specially developed tools. Implants with titanium screws are placed in this cavity. After the implants are placed in place of missing teeth, the incision in the gum is sewn and closed. This operation is completed in approximately 10-15 minutes. Temporary prostheses are also worn on the same day. While the patient waits for the impant to swell to the jawbone, he can eat food without feeling any discomfort with the prosthesis.

Approximately 3-6 months later, permanent porcelain is placed on the implant.

A lifetime usage

Dental implants, which are most preferred for completing missing teeth, offer many advantages over traditional prosthetic applications. This treatment, which does not require the intercourse of the adjacent teeth, prevents bone loss. Dental implants that enable better speech, bite and chew functionality are quite durable. After the implants are placed, they can remain in the mouth for about 30 years without problems. The life of the implant depends on many factors and when the necessary maintenance, cleaning, hygienic conditions are observed, the implants can be used for a lifetime.

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