You can avoid winter diseases!

Although the winter season makes us not resistant to diseases, it is possible to protect against these diseases.

The reason for the increase in the number of diseases during the winter months is not often cold air, but viruses and bacteria suspended in the air. Spending a lot of time in closed and warm places like shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, which are often poorly ventilated and where germs proliferate promotes the multiplication of diseases.

In winter, with the cooling of the air, the number of diseases is experiencing a significant increase. Colds, flu are almost inevitable in winter. Most diseases occurring in winter are caused by respiratory infections and Bacteria. First, the cooling of the air causes the drying of the respiratory mucosa from the nose to the lungs thus preventing the mucosa from Fulfilling its protective barrier role against infections effectively. Another reason is the opening of schools and the fact that people find themselves in crowded places such as shopping malls, cinemas, meeting and showrooms which are mostly closed and warm in cold weather. Since these environments are not enough ventilated, it is easier for the microbes transmitted by the respiratory tracts to increase and to spread to more people.

Strengthen your immune system

Although the winter season makes us not resistant to diseases, it is possible to protect against these diseases. When you enter the winter months, you should definitely do your medical checkups and, if your doctor recommends it, you need to be vaccinated against flu and pneumonia.   before you catch winter diseases. In particular, you need to prepare vitamin supplements and dietary supplements in the form of drugs or natural medicines that strengthen the immune system. Milk and dairy products are important sources of protein, vitamins A and B12. Do not forget to drink freshly squeezed orange juice and eat fish!

Pay attention to hygiene rules

There are other measures to be taken. You should follow the general rules of cleanliness and wash your hands more often than ever in the winter as viruses and bacteria spread more at this time. For your immune system to be stronger against winter diseases, do not stay in closed, crowded and under ventilated environments for a long time, avoid close contact with people with infection, wear appropriate clothes.

In winter, heating of houses and workplaces and the protection of heat play an important role in the protection of diseases. All rooms used during the day at home and at work should be heated. Discomfort can occur if while the heating is on the ambient air is too dry. For this reason, appropriate measures should be taken to regulate the humidity. The most practical way of doing this is to place water-filled containers on the central heating. You should consume plenty of fluids and stay away from smoke. A regular and good quality sleep is also extremely important.

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