Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the leading cancer type in women.There is a risk that every 8 females will get cancer in their lives. Breast cancer is a cancer that develops in the breast tissue.

It can originate from any part of the breast tissue.Early diagnosis is one of the most important factors in the successful treatment of breast cancer. Regular check ups and use of advanced technological imaging devices available in hospitals in Turkey make early detection of breast cancer possible.

The following methods are used in breast cancer treatment:

Depending on the evolution of the disease, the characteristics of the patient and his/ her general health, treatment options may include one or more of the following. At all the stages,the cancer is treated with technological devices and applications that do not damage the tissues that remain around the cancer area.

  • Surgical Treatment
  • Radiotherapy (Radiation Therapy)
  • Chemotherapy (Drug Therapy)
  • Hormonotherapy (Hormone therapy)

Surgical Treatment

It is usually the first stage of a struggle with cancer. Most patients begin with surgical removal of cancerous tissue. The sentinel lymph (guard lymph node) biopsy is performed and if necessary, the subcutaneous lymph nodes are also cleared.

Radiotherapy (Radiation Therapy)

Radiation therapy aimed at destroying cancer cells that are likely to remain after surgical intervention with X-rays, breast area and sublingual application.

Chemotherapy (Drug Therapy)

It is a treatment with cancer kill drugs. These drugs are given by mouth or vaginally and then spread to the whole body. Generally, they are given in different combinations, since several drugs are more effective when given together.

Hormone Therapy (Hormone Therapy)

Some breast cancer cells may be susceptible to estrogen through their hormone receptors (receptors). So, the hormone estrogen can cause the growth and the increase of these cancer cells. The purpose of hormone therapy is to prevent the development of cancer by eliminating the estrogen effect in cancer types that contain and are sensitive to the hormone estrogen receptor.

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