Advanced Health Technologies


Advanced Health Technologies

Hospitals in Turkey have high definition imaging devices with contemporary health technologies, and hereby they provide high-end in the process of any illness treatment. This gives you an opportunity to get the best results for the treatment.

Here is a list of some examples of advanced health technologies, which are widely used in Turkey.

Gamma Knife Icon

Gamma Knife treatment, also known as a Leksell Gamma Knife procedure is a type of radiation therapy used to treat brain tumors.
Gamma Knife Icon is the 6th generation of the Gamma Knife. Within years, many innovations have come into use for patients, thanks to technological improvements. The Gamma Knife Icon is the extreme point at which cranial radiosurgery arrives.
In the Gamma Knife treatment, the protection of the surrounding normal tissue was by means of the principles of radiosurgery, when applying radiation energy to diseased tissue.
Gamma Knife radiosurgery brought to medical use by Lars Leksell in 1968. From that time, more than 1million patients worldwide have been treated with this method. In Turkey, tens of thousands of patients have benefited from this method since 1997.

High-tech GammaKnife is used to treat brain tumors without getting surgery, bloodless and painless, and to get the patient back at home on the same day.

TRUEBEAM Stx for Tumor Treatment

TRUEBEAM STxTruebeam Stx consists of all the features of the devices used in Radiotherapy. In virtue of this device focusing rays on the center of object, healthy tissues are not affected with the radiation and the duration for the patient under the radiation highly decreases in 4 or 8 times. Treatment success and patient comfort are increased with these developments.



CyberKnife is an advanced technological radiosurgery system that offers sub-millimeter precision in treatment of cancer anywhere in the body. This system is especially used in multiple tumors which require complex surgery, and in treatment of tumors that cannot be surgically operated on. It highly protects potential damage to healthy tissues. With the robotic technology, CyberKnife monitors and tracks the patient’s respiratory motion to correlate with the tumor’s motion during the procedure, ensuring accurate radiation delivery.


TrilogyLinear Accelerator (LINAC) consists of three different radiotherapy approaches: namely, IGRT, IMRT and SRT/SRS. This device is used for both diagnosis and treatment. IGRT is a type of image-guided radiotherapy. IMRT is an application of intensity modulated radiotherapy, and provides the regulation of radiation intensity on the parts to be treated in order to find ideal values. Meanwhile, healthy tissues are protected as much as possible while the tumor is exposed to overdose radiation.


Rapidarc “Volumetric Arc Therapy” is a device to use for cancer fighting. Rapidarc provides great convenience by decreasing image-guided radiotherapy from 15 – 30 minutes to 2 minutes. On the contrary to other devices, Rapidarc turns around the patients to radio. Accordingly, the therapy is done without making the patients move. Rapidarc decreases Linear Acceleration (LINAC) and IGRT (Image-guided Radiation Therapy) in 2 minutes, the duration get 2 more minutes for the patient on the table. This means the total duration taking only 4 minutes. With the old treatment systems it takes 30 – 45 minutes, now it takes just 4 minutes with Rapidarc.

Whole Body MR

Magnetic Resonance (MR) is one of the most effective diagnosis procedures among imaging technologies developed recently. This method facilitates detection suspicious masses at an early stage before the symptoms of the disease are apparent. Unlike traditional screening methods, MR enables the diagnosis of tumor when the old ones are not capable of. The patient’s images could be got at most in 30 minutes after laying on the table. These images have ideal resolution with the help of integration of parallel imaging and softwares. While the patient is laying in cylinder creating a magnificent magnetic effect, MRI device sends radio waves causing the energy dissemination of hydrogen atoms in the body. The information about thousands of hydrogen atoms moving with magnetic effect is recorded in a computer. The most sensitive and high-end x-rays are taken with the analysis of the information.

Da Vinci

“da Vinci” was developed by NASA to operate on astronauts in space and allows the surgeon to operate through small incisions. Hence, it enables to carry out the hardest operations in a secure way. The system just needs a surgeon to sit on operating console which is not in the same place with the operation. The da Vinci robot is particularly used for urology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, otorhinolaryngology and gynecology.

Flash CT

Flash CTFlash CT is a fast computerized tomography device with low dose of radiation. This device is particularly used for cardiac and pulmonary screening in addition to whole body imaging. This device is of great use in the programs of cardiac check-up because of the low dose of radiation and rapid scanning. Flash CT screens the whole body less than 4 seconds, perform a cardiac angiography scan in 0.25 seconds and a scan of the chest cavity in about 0.6 seconds without making the patients need to hold their breath. This device is preferable because it allows quick scanning of pediatric patients and trauma patients.


PET/CT is one of the most efficient screening in today’s world. It is particularly used for tumor detection in the field of Oncology, determining the degree of differentiation of the tumor, assessing response to treatment, radiotherapy planning, and in some cases, determining if the mass is benign or malignant. This device is a combination of PET (Positron Emission Tomography) showing metabolic functions of the mass in human body and CT (Computed Tomography) depicting anatomic information. PET/CT is effectively used for not only in the field of Oncology but also in the identification of epileptogenic focus, in neurologic cases such Alzheimer’s disease, and in detection of viable heart tissue following a heart attack.

Digital Mammography

Digital-MammographyIn this method, a mammography device is used for two or three dimensional imaging by using minimal dose. It is a key device for early cancer detection based on the usage of multi-slice or three dimensional tomosynthesis imaging in addition to two dimensional ones. The images produced by this device with tomosynthesis increases diagnosis reliability. The 3 dimensional image of the breast is produced with a series of digital images of the breast taken in the form of layers.

This device allows to screen and show several layers of the breast while a classical one showing tissue problems in an image. With the help of this feature, this allows efficient scanning of the suspicious areas in the breast.

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) method is used for delivering a single dose of radiation during the surgery for breast cancer. The tumor in the breast is taken out during the surgery, then a high dose of radiation is delivered to the precise area. Following all the local treatment being carried out, the surrounding healthy tissues are protected.

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