Which one is better for the visual acuity? Glasses or contact lenses …

Actually, you have third option; Laser Eye Surgery

There is no comparison when it comes to vision quality. People may have eye vision problem and wear glasses or contacts occasionally. They may aware of that there are different vision experience between glasses and contacts. Surprising part about that it can occur even there is a same prescription for both. There are couple of reasons cause these differences.

First of all, glasses are more open to the external factors. Glass lenses can get dirty and blurry because of debris, fingerprints, little scratches and blemishes. Also, they can get effect by sudden change in temperatures and glare of lights, but contacts don’t.

Also, as all we know, contacts are sit on eyes, but glasses have some distance because of their lenses and frames. Therefore they bend light in a way that is closer to the needs of your prescription. This small distance impact on vision acuity.

In addition, contacts’ globe shape don’t leave any space between your eyes and them, so that will provide full and clear peripheral vision without any edge in sight. On the other hand, you cannot have same vision acuity with glasses because of glasses’ frame.

After all of that, having contacts instead of glasses seems best option, but we shouldn’t rush to come to this conclusion. They have a big disadvantage that they sit directly on eye. We know we mentioned that this was one of contacts’ benefit, but it is also its one of important disadvantages of them which can cause sight- threatening infections.

In conclusion, all we want to have best vision. If these conflicts confused your mind you don’t have to worry because there is also third option that is Laser Eye Surgery. That can provide you visual perfection without some problems.

Having a surgery can be little intimidating. We know there is no risk-free surgery. However, Laser Eye Surgery can provide successful result if you apply to the skilled doctors. In addition while you are choosing your surgeon you have be sure about quality of hospitals and clinics that you will have your operation.

We would like to emphasize that depending on surgeon and intuition, up to 95 percent of patients who receive LASIK will achieve 20/40 vision, and up to 85 percent 20/20 or better.

You can be confident that Plan B will provide you with the best options from partners, hospitals and clinics.

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