What is Nose Aesthetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty)?

Rhinoplasty both adds spices to your beauty and ease your breathing...

Rhinoplasty is the first among the most successfully aesthetic operations performed; It makes sure the shape of the nose is corrected, therefore bringing out the beauty of the face but also ensures you a healthy breathing.

 Rhinoplasty or nasal aesthetic surgery is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations. Rhinoplasty is a surgery on the nose to change its shape. Even if patients usually undergo rhinoplasty to have a more beautiful nose, especially for women who want to appear more beautiful, there many other reasons for perfoming a nasal surgery.

In addition to correcting the shape of the nose with rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure to correct nasal deformity, it is necessary to create a healthy, functional nose.

Corrected Nose should be Beautiful and Functional

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed to correct deformities in the nose, to change the shape of nasal humps or nose tip, to reduce or enlarge the nose, to narrow the nostrils, to broaden the nostrils that makes it difficult to breathe, to remove deformities such as polyps that occur in the  nose bone, cartilage curvature and in the nose.

Having a nose that looks like Hollywood stars’ ones  after the surgery is not among the surgery’s success criteria. The shape of the modified nose should add spices to the face’s beauty of the patient, should fit the bone structure, should match the other structures on the face and should look natural. At the same time, allowing the patient  to continue breathing healthy and  without any problems, makes a rhinoplasty surgery  successful.

Everything is back to normal again after one week.

Patients admitted to rhinoplasty are first photographed after their general examinations. Nose which may best suit the patient’s face is shown in computer. After a consultation, the patient jointly agrees with the doctor on the nose’s shape.The patient gives his/her doctor  a choice of  deciding whether the operation will be open or closed, of deciding what will be done to the patient’s nose.The doctor gives detailed informations about what should be done before the surgery to the patient.

After the preparation of the patient, the nose surgery which takes about 2 hours is performed with general and local anesthesia. Patients can return home with nasal tampons and splints put in the nose the same day. The nasal tampons are taken one to two days after, the splint one week after and the patient returns to normal life. About a month later,the patient’s nose looks as if there is nothing amiss.

Rhinoplasty operations must be performed by experienced aesthetic surgeons who have esthetic opinions, follow the latest techniques and who work in health institutions with advanced technological infrastructures. Surgeries carried out under theses conditons increase the satisfaction of the patient. With surgeries carried out by specialist hands in serene and comfortable environments, patients can now get a beautiful nose.

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