The solution of chronic renal failure: “Kidney transplantation”

The most reliable and definitive treatment of chronic renal failure; Kidney Transplantation are performed in Turkey with a success rate of over 95%.

Renal insufficiency, which progresses secretly without symptoms in the body, is often noticed when it causes significant discomfort. The most reliable and definitive treatment of chronic renal failure; Kidney Transplantation… Those who have transplantation can continue their lives in a healthy way. Kidney transplantations are  performed in Turkey with advanced technological infrastructure, by experienced teams with a success rate of over 95% in hospitals.

Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with kidney failure. There are about 3 million people in the world who are diagnosed with kidney failure. Patients with chronic renal failure in the kidneys, one of the vital organs of the human body, are at risk for life. Chronic renal failure; means that both functions of the kidneys are permanently distorted without recycling. With the loss of function of the kidneys, the harmful substances that should be thrown out of the body are not taken and cause various disorders.Sick kidneys symtomps  start showing up when  the filtering functions that should be between 85-100 percent start dropping down to 30 percent. Among the causes of kidney failure are diabetes, hypertension and kidney inflammation (nephritis) take the first place.

Patients diagnosed with chronic renal failure are advised to have a kidney transplantationbecause of the known and safest treatment of chronic renal failure is: “Kidney Transplantation” …

Renal transplantation, defined as the operation of replacing a lost kidney with a healthy kidney, can be done with live donor, cadaver, or transplant. Patients with advanced renal insufficiency may also use dialysis (hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis) as an alternative to their treatment. However, dialysis treatment can only fulfill a part of the function of the kidneys and is very annoying for the patients. For this reason, dialysis treatment is not an alternative for kidney transplantation. Patients with chronic renal failure can continue their lives in a healthy way after kidney transplantation.

Who can get a kidney transplant?

All patients of all age groups with chronic renal failure may be candidates for kidney transplantation. Specialist doctors (Nephrology specialists, transplant / transplant surgeons, urologists specializing in chest diseases, obstetricians and obstetricians, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, specialists in the field of post-operative surveillance) for detailed screenings (blood tests, radiological examinations, cardiac examinations) experts) are assessed in a multidisciplinary approach. Patients who are found to have no adverse health condition that prevents kidney transplantationcan get a transplantation with the proper kidney.

When are the patients discharged after kidney transplant surgery?

Life is important before during and after the  transplantation surgery. Patients with kidney transplantare discharged after an average of six days on doctor’s approval. The patient is informed about the drugs to be used after discharge and what to pay attention to. Patients who are discharged are regularly called to control nephrology (kidney diseases) and followed up rigorously after the transfer. This regular follow-up is also applied with the same meticulousness to the organ donors. Kidney donors can return to their homes after an average of three days with a doctor’s approval. After a week and 6 months after returning home, they are required to come for control and apply to the hospital for detailed examination once a year.

Patients applying to the kidney transplant centers in  internationally accredited hospitals located in Turkey, are being followed with  multidisciplinary approach before and after the transplantation. The average success rate  of all kidney transplantations performed in centers  located  in Turkey are over 95 % and these transplantations are performed by  team of professionals  staying next to each patient all through the transplantation process. After the discharge, the patient is offered 24 hours a day with easy access to a specialist at the kidney transplant center where they are operating.

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