PLAN B Health Travel Services, London Office Opened

The London Office of "PLAN B Health Travel Services" was launched with the aim of connecting international travelers who want to be treated with appropriate doctors at the right hospital.

Every year, millions of people travel abroad for health care.Some of them want to get quality health care services in line with their budget without having to wait, and others who wants to reach advanced technology.Others travel to benefit from the health packages offered with the holiday plan.

“PLAN B Health Travel Services”, established with the idea of offering a B plan abroad, to those who want to receive the most appropriate health service in international quality standards, offers alternative treatment plans.


With the most Distinguished Hospitals in all branches of medicine

PLAN B HTS, serving in all branches of medicine and all aesthetic applications, was founded by  Assoc. Dr. Ayla Torun.  PLAN B HTS which started its activities in Europe’s centre, London, represents  Turkey’s giant health care organizations such as Acibadem Healthcare Group, American Hospital, Koç University Hospital of Koç Health Group, Memorial Health Group,many health institutions, university hospitals and specialist clinics in the field  in the UK. It also has health centers’ representants from European countries like the Netherlands and Macedonia.

Ayla Torun, who started up this international initiative with PLAN B, expressed her aims in this way: ” We have set out to create a comprehensive and transparent medical tourism platform that goes far beyond what has been available to patients up to now with  doctors and health care organizations in every country they desire.”


Our Mission; Price Transparency in Health Tourism

“We provide a comfortable treatment process that is far from worrying those who visit our site or call our call center,” says Torun. She goes on saying that: “Our mission is to provide treatment alternatives in the medical tourism market with price transparency in all branches and to every demand. We respect the right of patients to get all the details before starting the treatment.’


Consult PLAN B HTS for Health Plan B!

PLAN B HTS General Coordinator Fevzi Kemal Torun  explained that “PLAN B”, has 25 years of experience  in advertising and which  has been operating as an investment brand in the field of health, especially in the field of health communication and specialized in this field for the past 10 years.

General Coordinator Torun also stated that Plan B began service in London in order to provide safe, high-quality services to British patients seeking treatment abroad and to explain the advantages of being treated abroad.He added that London based office goals are to afford treatment facilities and patient transfers from every country to every country.