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The newest method of Laser Eye treatment ReLEx SMILE is available.

One of the most common methods in sight impairment treatment with Laser Eye Surgery, millions of people have said goodbye to their glasses. The most common form of Laser Eye Surgery treatment worldwide is LASIK. The newest technique ReLEx SMILE, is also available in our treatment options. We offer affordable and smoothly laser eye treatment in Turkey.

PLAN B Health Travel Services collaborates with the world’s most famous laser eye surgery specialists in hospitals and clinics with distinguished, comfortable, technologically advanced hospitals and clinics. Our surgeons and medical advisors will determine the best surgical treatment methods for you, organize your entire treatment process and travel.

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Newest method of Eye Laser treatment

It is a reliable and precise high tech laser procedure which can cure myopia and astigmatism in a unique, bladeless, painless and fast recovering way without removing any tissues.

Quick return to daily life

In most laser eye surgery techniques, the patient can return home on the same day after surgery and use his/her eyes.

Famous surgeons and experienced medical staff

Laser eye surgery in Turkey, is held in the medical facilities with five-star comfort. Hospitals and Clinics with state of art technology.

In touch with the historical texture

Turkey is the right choice to turn your treatment into a breathtaking journey with its cultural and geographical diversity, natural beauty, historical texture, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls.

High quality and affordable price

Being treated abroad can turn into a touristic, pleasant journey as well as getting a good service from a hospital.

Smile to life...

Turkey is the most preferred country for the Laser Eye Surgery. It is our priority to offer all the services you need for an excellent treatment process.

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Take the first step towards a bright vision

All we want to have best vision. Laser Eye Surgery provide you visual perfection without some problems. Thanks to laser eye surgery which is the most widely treatment method used in the whole world for visual impairments, millions of people got rid of their glasses and lenses.

Having a surgery can be little intimidating. However, Laser Eye Surgery can provide successful result if you apply to the skilled doctors. In addition while you are choosing your surgeon you have be sure about quality of hospitals and clinics that you will have your operation.

If you get your operation by skilled doctors the safety of Laser Eye Surgery is similar to that of daily contact lens wear, and even safer than extended wear contact lenses.

With PLAN B, you can have laser eye surgery in hospitals and clinics with international standards at affordable prices without having to wait!

More Info About Laser Eye Surgery

Often known simply as SMILE, ReLEx SMILE, is a new generation bladeless treatment method. Which stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, the procedure is a revolutionary advancement in the performance, safety, and comfort of Laser Eye Surgery.

The Benefits of ReLEx SMILE:

✓ Applicable for thin corneas

✓ Applicable for high myopia and astigmatism

✓ Better protection of corneal structure

✓ Flapless operation with single step solution

✓ The nearest natural outcome

✓ Dry eye incidence is reduced

Differences between ReLEx SMILE and LASIK

ReLEx represents the beginning of a new era in refractive surgery, on the grounds of its significant advantages in the patient’s level of comfort. Because there is no need to pass from one instrument to another- as in the LASIK procedure- there is no need for the patient to change their position.

This is the main reason why the ReLEx SMILE procedure only takes a few minutes.

Developed lastly in the medical world, The NO TOUCH Method which uses all the facilities of advanced technology and which is made without touching the eye, has now cleared off all the excuses of those who are afraid of laser eye surgery. Usual laser treatments are done by cutting the corneal tissue in the eye with a special knife or laser. But the NO TOUCH Method is applied without any incision in the eye and without any tools. The NO TOUCH Method, which can be applied even to the highest eye numbers, just takes about 50 seconds.

With the NO TOUCH method, the patient undergoes a detailed eye examination before surgery. After examining whether there is any eye disease, eyeglass number is identified. The patient is then inserted into the REF Test, where the detailed map of the corneal structure is removed. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to complete this test.

After the test, the patient’s eyes are anaesthetised and the operation begins. The only thing the patient has to do is stand and fix his/her eyes on the light. While the patient is looking at this light the surgery is performed with the NO TOUCH method. The application can be carried out on both eyes during the same treatment. The patient can return home the same day after surgery and use his eyes.

With the NO TOUCH method can swim after 5 days!

The patient has to follow the doctor’s instructions for about a week after the operation and use the medicines regularly. After 5 – 6 days it becomes possible to swim in the sea or pool. Since other laser treatments are made by removing the tissue in the eye, it is necessary to protect the eyes against the impacts for a long time. Though the NO TOUCH method does not need such protection. Particularly in patients with a thin corneal structure or a more normal corneal surface, the NO TOUCH method achieves very successful results. With the NO TOUCH method no more patients afraid of surgery.

Laser eye surgery has a very high success rate. Operational risks and complications are very rare, but you can get information about potential risks from your consultant.Some people may be exposed to temporal and minor side effects.

For example: Redness or pain, often described as ‘dry eyes’, but they can be easily relieved by eye drops given by your doctor.

Vision blur, double vision and light sensitivity usually improve after three months of surgery without the need for medical intervention.

As with any surgery, there is little chance of infection. However, this can easily be treated with antibiotics that should be given to you to prevent further complications.

Your ophthalmologist will take some precautions to ensure that you feel comfortable when your consultation begins. Because it is natural that you are stressed before surgery. Once sure that all measurements and settings made during the examination are correct, you will be prepared for surgery. Once settled in, you’ll undergo a final examination to ensure all the measurements and settings are correct. If everything is confirmed and there are no alterations needed, you will be prepped and changed for surgery. Your surgeon will administer anaesthetic and ensure you are comfortable before performing the procedure itself, which takes just a few minutes. Your surgeon will walk you through each stage of the procedure to help you feel at ease, and once it is completed, you’ll be ready to begin the recovery processor. As soon as your surgery is complete, you’re ready to begin the healing process.

How can I find LASIK abroad?

The high cost combined to lack of coverage and long waiting times has led many patients to go abroad for laser eye surgery. Even when you take travel and accommodation into account, you can save up to 80% by going abroad for LASIK.

Post-Surgical Aftercare and Recovering

Your surgeon will give you post-operative instructions to reduce the risk of infection and ensure a proper healing process. Some of these instructions are:

Avoid wetting your eyes for 24 hours

Take care not to touch your eyes

Do not apply make-up on the eye for 10 days after the surgeon and do not swim

Avoid painting your hair for at least 10 days

Protect your eyes on while exercising

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays

In LASIK surgery, the healing period is usually 24-28 hours and most patients return to work the next day. However, for other types of treatments, the improvement can take up to 3 months. You can consult your surgeon before and after surgery.

Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

All patients who wish to undergo laser eye surgery go through a detailed examination to make sure they fit for the surgery. Patients usually feel comfortable and do not feel pain during examination and operation.

The reason is that at the beginning of the surgery, the surgeon makes eye drops of drug anesthesia. However, some patients experience mild discomfort when they are kept open with a device that allows access to the cornea, and they prevent any blinking that may disrupt surgery. If this is something that worries you, you can get a tranquilizer to relieve you before surgery.

Patients may feel a little uncomfortable during recovery. Ophthalmologists say that patients with LASIK surgery may have dry eyes, mild pruritus and an ever-diminishing sense of sagging within 24-48 hours, and that patients may return to their normal activities at the end of that period. Moderate pain that may occur can be alleviated by the use of painkillers prescribed by the surgeon. This pain can be expected to disappear within 24-48 hours.

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