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Each year , there is an increase of the number of people who travel for treatment all over the world .

The aim is to get an affordable and international quality health care service. If the illness allows you to, you can take a short holiday… With this in mind ,”PLAN B Health Travel Services”, opened its first office in London, to connect the patients with the appropriate physician at the right hospital all over the world.

With an history that stems back many years , Health tourism has secured its position with an increase these last 15 years  in the agenda of all countries, including Turkey

The share of health tourism in the economy, which is one of the most important income sources of the countries, continues to grow every year.

Each country comes forward with its expertise in different fields.Turkey ranks among the world’s leading countries in many branches such as hair transplantation, dental treatment, cancer, orthopedics, organ transplantation, IVF treatment, eye surgery and aesthetics applications.With its geographical position, advanced technological infrastructure and the international standards care given in health institutions, Turkey is one of the country which has a great advantage in health tourism.


Global investment global service

The most important problem for people who prefer to be treated abroad is trust.This is why , they prefer to get consultancy services from health tourism companies. Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ayla Torun, established PLAN B Health Travel Services and opened her first office in London,with the idea of offering a plan B in another country where people from all over the world can be treated.


PLAN B HTS  represents Turkey’s giant health care provider Acıbadem Health Group, American Hospital and Koç University Hospital of Koç Health Group,  many health institutions,Memorial Health Group and  specialized clinics and  university hospitals in the UK.


Ayla Torun, who started up this international initiative with PLAN B, expressed her aims in this way: ” We have set out to create a comprehensive and transparent medical tourism platform that goes far beyond what has been available to patients up to now with  doctors and health care organizations in every country they desire.” The aim to reach with “PLAN B Health Travel Services” is to connect patients from all over the world  in need of treatment  with the right doctor at the right adress…


“We provide a comfortable treatment process that is far from worrying those who visit our site or call our call center,” says Torun. She goes on saying that: “Our mission is to provide treatment alternatives in the medical tourism market with price transparency in all branches and to every demand. We respect the right of patients to get all the details before starting the treatment. ”


PLAN B HTS General Coordinator Fevzi Kemal Torun explained that “PLAN B”, has 25 years of experience in advertising and which has been operating as an investment brand in the field of health, especially in the field of health communication and specialized in this field for the past 10 years.

General Coordinator Torun also stated that Plan B began service in London in order to provide safe, high-quality services to British patients seeking treatment abroad and to explain the advantages of being treated abroad. He added that London based office goals are to afford treatment facilities and patient transfers from every country to every country.


PLAN B by the patient’s side!

Fevzi Kemal Torun answers to the question why London?: “One of the biggest handicap of the sector in health tourism is ensuring the trust of the patient and opening the hospitals abroad in the branding process is an important step for the development of health tourism. We decided to go out on this path to make a global investment and go where the patients were, and we chose London for unlimited health care. ”


In the United Kingdom, health services are provided by the government through the National Health Service (NHS), and are often for free. In addition to the NHS, although there is a special health system covering the health services that people can afford to pay, private health spending accounts for about 16% of total health spending. However, increasing complaints about the National Health System (NHS) and long waiting times have led many British people to seek health care abroad. However, increasing complaints about the National Health System (NHS) and long waiting times have led many British people to seek health care abroad.


Turkey, an appealing center for Health

Ayla Torun who started this international initiative explains why she chose London: “London is the capital of England and one of the most important cosmopolitan trade centers in the world. London, where people of different nationalities come from all over the world, often travel abroad for a variety of reasons, is among the first to compete in the healthcare tourism industry. For all these reasons, PLAN B Health Travel Services is headquartered in London. ”


Fevzi Torun who noted that there has been a significant increase in the number of patients traveling for health purpose between countries for about 25 years also continues saying: “The competition between countries and health care institutions is getting more intense every year. The digital revolution, which changed the world with the introduction of the internet into our lives, has opened the way for an important evolution in the health sector, and innovative solutions have become a necessity in the sector. Briefly, we are coming out of this change, aware of the importance of global investment in the digitalizing world, we have established PLAN B in London, one of the most important trade centers in the world, by examining the developments in health tourism, the preferences of patients and the selection process of patients’ health institutions.

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