Frequently Askd Questions

How Do I Submit A Medical Referral to be Treated Abroad?

Fill the medical referral form below attaching any relevant medical reports along with it.
You will be given a choice of either requesting a face to face consultation (by selecting the standard medical referral form), or an E-consultation, if you prefer an email or video consultation with one of our leading specialists.
The medical reports you attach should give full details of your present condition, relevant medical history, provisional diagnosis, any previous investigations or treatments.

Alternatively, you can contact us here and one of our representatives will be able to assist you further.

What Happens After We Receive The Referral?

Once we have received your medical referral form, it will be reviewed within 24 hours by an appropriate specialist from our panel of leading Doctors who will create a treatment plan. We will also find the most suitable hospital with the necessary facilities and comfort to meet your treatment needs.

We will then provide you with a ‘treatment offer letter’ that includes estimates of your treatment costs and the amount of time you will need to stay in the country to complete your treatment and follow-up care.
Once we receive confirmation that you are willing to proceed, we can rapidly put in place the appropriate arrangements to initiate your treatment pathway.

How Soon Will I Hear Back Once I’ve Submitted My Referral?

We aim to process all medical referrals within 24 hours of receipt (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

What About Costs?

We will provide you with estimates of your treatment costs and the amount of time you will need to stay abroad to complete your treatment and follow-up care in the ‘treatment offer letter’.

How About Visa Arrangements?

Once you accept our treatment offer, we will issue a ‘confirmation to treat letter’. This letter will help you in your visa application process.

What If I Have Any Other Needs?

We provide interpreter support that will facilitate your communication with the doctor and healthcare team. The intra-city transportation between the hospital where you are treated and the place you are staying is usually covered by the hospital where you are being treated.

You can stay in a hotel or you can take advantage of the accommodation options offered by some hospitals.
You can also take a vacation during your treatment. If you are willing, we can also carry out your vacation organization. You can book for the place you will stay on the holiday yourself.

How Can I Pay?

Your health is our top priority, so we have made our payment process simple and straightforward, so you can focus on getting well. We can discuss the terms of an appropriate mode of payment when you start your treatment.

Government sponsored patients

You can benefit from state-funded treatment abroad in hospitals that have agreement with public medical institutions in your country. However necessary official documents for the process should also be forward to PLAN B.

The hospitals we cooperate with have agreements with health insurance companies all over the world. The price advantages of contracted insurance companies are also indicated in your proposal. Once you have confirmed our treatment offer, you can contact your insurance’s representative in your country to find out how you can use your insurance policy with our doctors.

Self-funded patients
Before starting your treatment, you will be requested to pay the total estimated costs. It is possible that the approximate costs to complete your treatment will be higher than what we estimated as we are just giving you an approximate cost of the treatment. Before the discharge you will be asked to settle additional charges.

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