Touristic Assets and High Quality Health Services Come Hand in Hand

As a country where private and public hospitals are accredited with JCI and experienced and internationally known specialists work for, Turkey is one of the most important places for tourism due to its geographical feature.

The most beautiful sea-sand-sun holiday places, healing thermal water centers, several shades of green in the Black Sea Region, Turkey attracts many tourists from all around the world. Turkey holding a vital potential based on geothermal sources in the world is in the first place in Europe, and in the third place for hot springs as well. Turkey on the most accessible way for any transportation type is an attraction center between European Countries, Eastern Bloc Countries and Arabian Peninsula.

Turkey holding another success on health services in recent years become the most convenient center for health tourism and alternative health tourism for Europe, Asia and Middle East. Modern cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, and Bursa have their own and important health centers receiving thousands of patients.

İstanbul: Joint City Of Europe and Asia

health tourismAs a connecting city between two continents, Istanbul draws attention on huge and international health centers in all the fields. Istanbul, as a metropolis in Turkey, has more than ten training hospitals founded by the universities, hundreds of private and public hospitals. Acıbadem Health Group, Medical Park Health Group, Memorial Hospitals, Medicana Hospitals, World Eye Hospital, DentGroup are the prominent hospitals and centers in almost all the districts of Istanbul for health tourism.

Ankara: Center of Health

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is a city which has the most numbered training hospitals founded by universities. Internationally accredited hospitals like Ankara Güven Hospital, Bayındır Hospital, Hacettepe University Hospital, HRS Ankara Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital, Medicana International Ankara Hospital, TOBB ETU Hospital and TDV Private 29 Mayıs Hospital are the first choice made by foreign patients. In addition to this, there are three hot spring places in Ankara, and there are eight thermal facilities to render services with the hot spring to the people. Ankara, as a city where medical tourism is supported with thermal tourism, attracts tourists with this cure-all watering places.

Bursa: Historical Hot Springs & Thermals

Bursa, as another important city in Turkey, is a prominent city with hot spring and thermal places in addition to essential health centers. During all all seasons of the year, many tourists visit Bursa to recover health in thermal centers.

Mediterranean District

Antalya as a city in Mediterranean and İzmir as a city in Aegean costs give the tourists an opportunity to experience sea-sand-sun holidays.

Why To Choose Turkey For Medical Tourism?

  • The most important advantage of medical tourism in Turkey is the fact that a coordination company has been founded for all the medical tourism works and a government policy has been developed (SATURK).
  • Turkey is ranked as the second in the world in terms of the number of hospitals accredited by JCI. In Turkey there are 48 hospitals accredited by JCI.
  • Turkey is globally ranked in the first five countries based on the number of patients: namely, the USA, Germany, Thailand, India and Turkey.
  • Turkey is a country situated in a passageway with cheap transportation from all around the world.
  • A substantial part of medical companies in Turkey has high-tech infrastructure. Many hospitals render medical services with their experienced specialists by using bleeding-edge diagnostic and treatment technology.
  • Training and Research Hospitals founded in cooperation with academic knowledge of the universities are area leaders.
  • Turkey, as one of the natural therapy centers with its richness in natural sources, is ranked as the first in Europe at the number of thermal springs.
  • Medical companies give services with highly qualified and experienced doctors.
  • Besides the doctors, other members of healthcare teams are selected according to their specialisms and educational background to deliver the services with the same quality as the doctors do.
  • Coming to Turkey as a country carrying the traces of Europe and Asia gives you a chance to experience something new everyday with its climate, natural beauties, touristic and historical places.
  • When considered the quality of the technology, doctors and services, health services in Turkey cost affordable prices compared to other developed countries.

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